30 August 2018


The company is located in Canada, and its owners is in Israel most of the year and from here we are working with good contacts in the USA related to the advancement of the new science which will be developed from the innovated discovery.

27 October 2013

Please make use of our shared wisdom

Please make use of our shared wisdom

Original Inventions and Investments which suport Prepatent Commercially Beneficial Projects are welcomed to http://prepatent.org

11 August 2011

Prepatent Prepartnering Registration and Trade Services

Only here you will find the offer to be helped by specialized services yet to be automated - which are very important in the economy of new patentable services and goods.
Please note: That only Original Prepatent Commercially Beneficial Projects are welcomed to http://prepatent.org
Only Original Prepatent Commercially Beneficial Projects can be accepted for services at http://prepatent.org

28 February 2011

1st Show-&-Tell

Only Original Prepatent Commercially Beneficial Projects are welcomed to http://prepatent.org

23 February 2011

Before the begining, truth and fact.

Our truth is unveiled @ ELOHIM.CA where the connection is Life's Natural Design we follow as in our blessing and cultural language of GOD Alohim for haAdam haRishon.

New Discoveries and Ideas which are beneficial and safe...

Only Original Prepatent Commercially Beneficial Projects are welcomed to PREPATENT.ORG as many inventors are not aware of the difficulties and if better solutions are already and also seeking the markets and consumers of the idea - as a discovery, can be an original idea as well.
The advice of the method for wise investors and inventors, is posted as government is looking and seeking such economic growth the center is set to offer without its sought global mandate and as a free service to our membership.

Advanced Marine Surface Effects Technologies, Smart Toy-Tools and The Intelligent Internet: The Prepatent Registry & Universal Trading Post

My/our Discovery of a phenomenon exploited by our own innovations of our own advanced Inventions and yet new Science of "Advanced Marine Surface Effects Technologies", where we plan to manufacture by employing nomadic intelligent In-Cell Robotics our new  "Flying Sail Motor Boats"; had led us to also developing our corporate division for Smartened Toy-Tools which has also led us into  "The Universally Intelligent Internet Project"  as well as for the recognized need of a global hub for investors and inventors as founders of all new commercial know-how need to see from Government recognition of our modern business options - creating as well from the original   'The Prepatent Registry & Universal Trading Post'  the  "Prepatent Prepartnering Center".

07 April 2010

The Prepatent Registry & Universal Trading Post

Only Original Prepatent Commercially Beneficial Projects are welcomed to the Prepatent Prepartnering - where inventions meets investments prepatent.org

05 October 2007

Truth for all peoples evolved on our living planet.

All people from all existing tribes and nations on our shared planet - have now few good places to read and be updated about the truth of our own as well as others' cultures - yet as we share 1 world and mostly agree on 1 creator we should look deeper at our ONENESS which will save our future for generations.
During my life I had met too many of us and them who are safer if they stay blind mentally to any input they already have no room for - and also I noticed they keep choosing a personal search and attracted to similar familiar or new with any distortions and/or deviations plus lies they have not yet explored for personal and private plus public gains like recognition, respect, joy, play/sports wealth, powers and influence and all other vain-values in life, as we get to know in person by maturing and aging, where wisdom and health and proficiency are most valued... and not only before the owners of life and nature as servants to our creator's original blessings for all created on this special lonely and alone as the needed blessed warm & wet planet seeded with many forms of life beyond the living as well - the only place within the universe's solar set our Cosmos enabled to create and evolve such rich life for all that is alive under "The Twin Rainbow" the sign for NASA that no future planet does offer and that its next mission is to SAVE LIFE ON EARTH please...ami ...and by educating 'the lost tribes' to capture the intercultural lexical code of moral and legal plus added history and knowledge of the blessings of life and understanding followed by constructive human growth and grace by actions of goodness and healings.

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06 July 2007

Alohino - Publishing @ Lulu.com

I was atracted by the invitation, but service and system have not evolved yet to be simply beneficial and comercial for its users/clients and memberships.

So For FREE I had posted there some of my samples of Eevreet/Hebrew teachings of our special yet way for learning to be properly ready for Praising of Alohino haAlohim as is known or as haShem to us who love it - and posted also samples in my voiceprints on You Tube at my personal afterlife account 'amnonmikecohen' - sharing verbal and pictorial production so to further explain the blessings of 'The Twin-Rainbow' - so please visit us, both me and myself and my garage band, to hear and see and hoping you can understand The Truth shared @ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxWhUG80Exs youtube.com/watch)

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03 July 2007

Fly your boat or Yacht, with this invention, your boat can fly...

The Flexible Power FINS invention, is a trade-secret, and our private simple website shows real impressive results but no secrets are shared on the invention we tested on 2 Demonstration Boats featured in video clips; and we also show, how you can make Your Ships, Surf on water, by adding the invention, see our OnLine video and sounds samples of true Video-clips, not Edited to create a Big Impression, but you should already know that no boat can turn at full speed like our small 12'TestBoat can...   ...and I have not yet done so on our prototype upgraded Seadoo we made fly...

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20 May 2007


USCIIIIII-CODE is a Universal Standard, Coded Intelligently, for International, Intensively Interactive, Information Interchange — and it is based on the nature of our beings and modeled as we were created.
Natural-Language_Tongues can be SynTexted as standard text for speech, and usciiiiii grants us the Universal Natural Logic SynTEXTING for EchoLogical machines, made in our created image as we are made by creation and evolution.  As all languages carry cultural as well as wisdom and know-how and skills-set we are so rich with on Earth - the Universal International lexical-solution is A Global blessing indeed.
GURU to Developers Team has this website where some examples of this open-innovation and its special value to all future Wise Computers.

Design reasons are shared :

@ Elohim.ca we are showing in one HUB the reasons for Super natural language Tongues to be developed for Computers as well as people.! and also sharing our wwwnet interests as well as public distribution of reasons for positive growth from my initiated work.

@ Alohim.org we post values money can not buy within a commercial website environment - but we are not selling and are only sharing Values opposing Virtues we reach to achieve along or among others -  and 

@ elohim.alohim.org we are showing the virtues of 'the twin-rainbow' over our one and only and lonely blessed planet - expected to be brought back to its original Eden, and the delivered miracle is the universal intelligence link between human created machines in our own image.

14 April 2007

CALL FOR: Pre-Patent Commercialization, for best profitable satisfaction

Inventors and Investors, are the parents and guardians of new commercial projects resulted from theirs financial and personal investments, and are the best guardians in developing such new beneficial products and services plus arts and capabilities.
The public benefits from the best that the markets can produce, in a modern economy - so we have the answer we call The Super Economy.

The existing old way, we all use and live with, will take much time and money to have a patent issued and then mostly many years after some commercial applications start the beneficial public awareness process - unfortunately most inventions do not enjoy the long time given for growing the original developers' work into an incorporated local, regional, national or international production and distribution marketing and services company.
There is a need for similar strength a large monopoly has in introducing its new products or services; a strength which can come from proper safe and accountable honorable and most efficient natural selection of needed funding or talents or know-how or capabilities by public bidding process.
The Super Economy, is based on new ideas you take to market, by personal and assisted growing investment during the development process needing many services we propose will be handled by our proposed universally intelligent automation and wisdom based website - which is a Trading Post for Pre-Patent Registry.

In simpler words, we are employing the method and it works so well - we are looking at profits on production costs at 2000% and this is very rich indeed!

USCIIIIII LOOKSOON "Universally Intelligent Internet & EchoLogical Machines"

Here is SAMPLE MultiLingual SynTEXTING
The CALL FOR: Universally Intelligent Internet, and the Age of EchoLogical-Machines —- as the next generation and yet first next-generation Computers and Robots which are automated for working like us for us, verbally in harmony with any new original electrostatic and electromagnetic documentations and metadata processing, by super coolHOT machines with actual Thinking and Singing  Capabilities , well beyond today's advanced artificial automation of language and natural speech or dictations or instructions of modern computers and robots plus good and bad gadgets.

We are FLYING our Sea-Doo

We are not only making our boats FLY but we also made our Sea-Doo FLY while its same model and better condition twin Model - is not able to fly, and just jet as a boat - and we do this by simply putting specialized FINS under the watercraft while also strengthening the hull and giving it much longer life and much much better riding and performance qualities, like higher top-speeds and wider cruising-efficiency and much improved directional stability with added flying and turning qualities.

See them fly without wings and try plus 'get the feeling'...