23 February 2011

Advanced Marine Surface Effects Technologies, Smart Toy-Tools and The Intelligent Internet: The Prepatent Registry & Universal Trading Post

My/our Discovery of a phenomenon exploited by our own innovations of our own advanced Inventions and yet new Science of "Advanced Marine Surface Effects Technologies", where we plan to manufacture by employing nomadic intelligent In-Cell Robotics our new  "Flying Sail Motor Boats"; had led us to also developing our corporate division for Smartened Toy-Tools which has also led us into  "The Universally Intelligent Internet Project"  as well as for the recognized need of a global hub for investors and inventors as founders of all new commercial know-how need to see from Government recognition of our modern business options - creating as well from the original   'The Prepatent Registry & Universal Trading Post'  the  "Prepatent Prepartnering Center".

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